Experience the local culture and explore the great outdoors with the many excursions and adventures we have planned for you.


Kargil Heritage Experience

A guided walk through the old caravan bazaar, a tour of the Central Asian Museum and a trip to the Unlock Hundurman – Museum of Memories at the LoC between India and Pakistan. This trip will change your perception about Kargil.

Total duration: Full Day


Time Travel

A jeep ride followed by a short walk through a 500 year old settlement called Hundurman (now in ruins) along the actual line of control between India and Pakistan. Visit the local community museum. There is an option of staying at a homestay as well.

Total duration: 3 to 4 hours/Overnight


Buddha Trail

Drive to the village of Apati, just outside Kargil town, and follow the trail to one of the oldest Maitreya Buddha Statues, a 7th century rock relief.

Total duration: Half Day


The Invisible Village

Known as Zbayul in the olden days, Henasku is hidden village along the Leh-Kargil highway steeped in history and heritage. Exlpore the ancient fort ruins and the Lhonpo house and experience living in a local Ladakhi home.

Total duration: Full Day / Overnight


Cycling with the moon

The best way to spend a full moon night in Kargil is to go on this amazing night trail and discover the nightscape of Kargil. This is one of our favourites!

Total duration: 3 to 5 hours


Down Hill Cycling

Drive up to the top of the La (mountain pass) in a jeep and ride back down. You have two options to choose from:

  1. Samar La – 2900m (20 kms)
  2. Humboting La Downhill Cycling – 4000m (35 kms)

Total duration: Half Day


Suru on a Bicycle

Ride into the countryside of Kargil through the most scenic landscapes along the Suru river. An easy trail along smooth metalled roads.

Total duration: Full Day


Outback Safaris

Rent out a jeep or a motorbike and head out on a mountain safari through the outback of Kargil. Here are some of the trails you can take:

  1. Umbala
  2. Along the Indus
  3. Suru Valley

Total duration: Full Day


Night Photography Trip

Moonlit townscapes, starry skies gleaming above the mighty mountains and the moonlight dancing on the vicious Suru river make for a perfect trip for shutterbugs. You just carry your camera; we know the best spots for the best shots. And there’s always time for finding new spots.

Total duration: 3 to 4 hours


River Rafting

Ride the rapids in the rivers of Kargil. These thrilling sections offer a range of difficulty levels for both novice and experienced adventure lovers.

Total duration: 2 hours to Full Day


Karste Khar Campout

If you are someone who loves to camp in the outdoors then ditch your plan of staying in a hotel and do something offbeat.
Witness one of the very few remaining 7th century rock cut Buddha statues in the world while you enjoy a picnic by the river in the historical village of Kartse Khar.

Total duration: Overnight


Kargil Victory Campout

Pay tributes to the Kargil War Heroes and camp a night at the frontiers under the lap of Tiger Hill and Tololing peaks in Drass right along the Drass River.

Total duration: Overnight


Shashi Lake Campout

Imagine a high altitude lake just to yourself camping below starry skies. Shashi lake is a lesser known water body just two hours drive from Kargil. It can also be approached by a day’s hike.

Total duration: Overnight


Sapi Lake Trek

A hike to a high altitude glacial lake through a scenic trail of alpine plants and flowers. Situated at 4600 meters, Sapi is the highest settlement in Kargil region and home to a wide variety of herbal and medicinal plants. It makes for a perfect hiking trail in summer when the flowers are in full bloom as you hike to the Gangchenmo glacier which feeds the Sapi lake.

Total duration: 2 Days


Shashi Lake Trek

This trekking trail is an ideal mix of wilderness and culture. It provides a unqiue opportunity to experience camping by a lake all to yourself, 360 degree views from the top of the pass and eventually leading to the unique Brokpa settlement called Darchiks along the mighty Indus river. The village is particularly beautiful and laden with fruits and flowers during the summer.

Total duration: 2 to 3 Days


Lago La Hike

A refreshing hike in the green oasis of Suru region. You will be rewarded by super panoramic views of the Parkachik glacier in the Zanskar mountain range with the Nun Kun massif as the centerpiece and the might Suru river saking through the villages of Suru. Can be done easily without a guide.

Total duration: 2 Days


Urgen Rzong Cave Trek

Legend has it that Guru Padmasambhava, a key figure in spreading Buddhism in Ladakh, medidated in the natural caves in Urgen Dzong in the 8th century during his journey to Tibet from Swat valley (now in Pakistan). A beautiful day hike through a narrow gorge is a journey into the past.

Total duration: 1 Day


Bouldering and Rock Climbing

Kargil region has a lot of rocks and boulders that have been opened by climbers in the recent years. Kargil is a paradise for both aspiring and professional rocks climbers. With hundreds of problems across many crags especially in Suru region, Kargil is waiting to be explored. Whether its trad or sport climbing, or just good old bouldering there are plenty of problems for all levels of climbers.

Total duration: 1 Day


Tambis Waterfall Hike

Witness a 100m big single plunge waterfall inside the Tambis gorge. Best time to do this hike is early in the morning. The trail head starts in Tambis village in Suru valley which is about 30 mins drive from Kargil town. It takes about 1.5 hours of mostly flat hiking to arrive at the base of the waterfall. Carry and enjoy a packed breakfast under the fall.

Total duration: 3-4 hours

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